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Links to some of my work online

  • "A Flower Rests" appeared in Zingara Poetry Review and was nominated for a "Best of the Net" award. The poem appears in the Artemas and Ark collection. 

  • "Night" also appeared in the Zingara Poetry Review and is also in the new collection

  • "Beauty Operators" appeared in A Poetry Congeries.

  • "When DNA Delivers You a Dad" is an essay about finding out my father's identity via a DNA test. It appeared in

  • "The True and Complete Story of Orange" is a work of creative nonfiction that appeared in the Hamilton Stone Review

  • "Funny" is an essay that ran in  online journal Full Grown People

  • Here is a review by poet and scholar Valerie Fox of The Artemas Poems, a chapbook that evolved into Artemas and Ark.

  • Here is an audio review on WPSU of The Artemas Poems by Marjorie Maddox .

  • This is an audio link to poet David Bauman reading my poem  "An April Funeral in Pennsylvania." 


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