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Artemas & Ark

the Ridge and Valley poems



This series of linked, narrative poems, traces the lives of two generations of men who wander the streets and alleys of a disappearing small town, set among the hills and by a river, ciphering what sense they can make of their world.

Available now from the publisher, by ordering from your local bookstore, or via online booksellers like Amazon. 


There are a limited number of signed copies available from the author. Email jerry7085(at)

Hard cover is $30, plus $2.99 shipping.

Paperback is $20, plus $2.99 shipping.

Artemas & Ark transforms 'a plain place' into a mythic location with poems that will haunt readers long after they lay down the book. 

--Julia Spicher Kasdorf, author Shale Play: Poems and Photographs from the Fracking Fields


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